And Soon, I Shall Grow

You Are Not Alone

STORGY Magazine: “You Are Not Alone: An Anthology of Hope and Isolation”

June 2020

“Somehow, my mum had managed to get most of her body through the door and push it open. She was struggling against Damien, trying to get back inside the house, but it was a difficult task; he was at least a foot taller than her and much stronger and younger.

She was fighting. Why couldn’t I do that?”

For a woman who’s been held as a prisoner for her entire adult life, escape can seem impossible.

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Telling Ghost Stories in the Dark

Black Veins

Great Void Books

May 2020

“The girls weren’t long out of childhood. In the next few years they would speed towards adulthood, and pieces of wonder and imagination would fall away from them and drift to the ground, ready to be trampled underfoot. Before long they would be left with no wonder at all, and then they would be adults. Niamh was using the final remnants of her childhood naïveté to believe that she might be able to speak to her dad again. Tasha was about to use up hers on one last hare-brained childhood adventure.”

When a insidious demon resurfaces, two teenage girls are doomed to fall victim to its trap. Too bad the only person who can save them is mired in grief.

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I Feel Weird

Cabinet of Heed

Cabinet of Heed

April 2020

“I felt tears forming, which annoyed me. I told myself to get a fucking grip – I am his wife now, and I need to act like it. I am the person who needs to steer the ship alone when he’s incapacitated.

As each day passes, the virus loosens its grip on his body. There’s been no more vomited blood. Quarantine has been an odd mixture of anxiety and boredom.”

A stream of consciousness piece written during the Corona Virus pandemic.

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MoonPark Review

March 2019

“I scrutinise my pale mirror image. Ghastly.

It’s a word that barely makes it into my everyday vocabulary (it feels horribly middle-class in my already slightly pompous Southern accent), but which never fails to blurt itself inside my head whenever I catch sight of my reflection. Pallid, ghostly, ghastly.”

Nobody likes feeling out of place. Life seems a lot easier when you surrender to capture.

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Whitby Woman


Cabinet of Heed

February 2019

“The house is mostly prepared. I’ve packed all the important things and gotten rid of everything that’s too heavy. I chucked it all out of our bedroom window, it’s easier than going outside and besides, it’s horrible out there. From the window, I can see people frolicking on the beach every day. It pisses me off.”

Lindsay Strauss desperately needs to run away and leave her bad memories behind, but she can’t bring herself to leave the house. She realises she’s left with only one option, and the idea that it would make international headlines never even crossed her mind.

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The Gentleman


Schlock! Webzine

December 2018

“She was laughing with him the way she’d been laughing with me, sipping the wine he’d bought for her and touching him affectionately on the shoulder. His eyes, a piercing blue that clashed uncomfortably with his dirty beard, locked with mine. The two glasses I’d been holding shattered against the wooden floor.”

What would happen if a stranger insisted he was your husband? Who would people believe?

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She Outruns the Humdrum

carrying fire

TL;DR Women’s Anthology: Carrying Fire

October 2018

“Susan wasn’t aware of any of this, and she wouldn’t have cared either way. She wasn’t bothered that there was an alien on her floor or that his spaceship had destroyed her house; all she wanted to do was sit in a quiet room and listen to the spirits. Could she just ask the alien to leave? She probably didn’t need to worry about being polite now that they’d assaulted each other.”

Susan is psychic. She’s definitely, probably psychic.

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The Cabinet of Heed

June 2018

“It wasn’t long before the frogs began to visit. At first it had been just five of them waiting outside the door one morning. They had hopped inside as soon as I had opened the door, and that had been that. Soon enough, the place was overrun with the things. I didn’t mind. Focusing on them broke up the days.”

Nobody expected the apocalypse would involve thousands of eerie, peaceable frogs. Well, it does, and it’s terrifying.

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A Study in Torment


The Cabinet of Heed

April 2018

“There was no scenario in which I could leave this miserable job half done and escape unimplicated. I approached the spasming machine, raised the paperweight above my head and, god help me, I did not stop until the whole ghastly thing was finished.”

A crotchety academic doesn’t take kindly to his new Scandinavian colleague, especially when he discovers that his eccentricities are borne of something much more sinister than a culture divide.

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Help Wanted


Preoccupied with the History Department

January 2018

“She’d been to this and every other healthcare centre in the city countless times, and not one of them had shown any concern for her problem. Thousands of people were vying for each doctor’s time, most of them far more ill than her. There were people with cancer, heart disease, real problems that couldn’t be solved by cheering up.”

In the near future, self-service healthcare is the way forward. People never slip through the net, presumably.

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The Harbinger


STORGY Magazine

June 2017

“It won’t stop. There’s an itch deep in the fissures of my brain that will not go away. I can feel it nestled there, pulsating like a tumour. Thinking hurts.”

Something insidious is clawing its way into a London tower block. It’s a shame that the only resident who has noticed this is the one person who will never be believed.

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