J.L. Corbett

Writer, editor of Idle Ink.

J.L. Corbett is an Essex transplant trying to blend in up North. She was halfway through her Masters degree in Psychology when she realised she was investing way more time in making her thesis sound whimsical than she was on actual research, and began to re-evaluate her life choices.

Since then she’s sold sparkly Christmas tat, recruited for warehouses, done admin for the council, crunched numbers for an internet provider, coached struggling university students and collected debts, all to support herself whilst writing stories about aliens and oddities.

In 2017 she founded Idle Ink, a print zine featuring short stories, poetry and artwork, which she sold at zine fairs across the North. Nowadays, after a re-brand and a move online, Idle Ink has featured the work of hundreds of writers and poets (both emerging, established and everything in between), which can be found at www.idleink.org.

She spends most of her time writing stories and eating nachos.